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A random stranger outside of a Hobby Lobby once told me that “Music is the healing force of the universe”.  Although I’m not entirely sure if it truly is the healing force, I do believe there is something strangely powerful about music, much like any art form.  Whether it has words or not, the right song can speak to you in the best and worst times of your life.  Even when one does not understand the words in a song, the way they are sung and the vibe throughout the song will also get the message across.  In this sense, it can be somewhat argued that music is in some way a universal language.

As for my own music, I am first and foremost a drummer.  I have played drums in some form every year since I was in 7th grade.  Currently, I am the drummer for Shannon Doherty and on occasion play with EMR, both located in Denver.  In the past, I have played with Jack Asphalt and the Bastard Squad.

Otherwise, I do write song lyrics quite a bit.  Feel free to sample these below.

Tim’s Lyrics:

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