So…looking through some of my stuff the other night, I found some lyrics I wrote at a rougher point of my life. Much like the last set of lyrics, these are more an anger-filled rant than a true song. I pondered just trashing them, but I made a promise to myself to put up any and all songs that I write, no matter how embarrassing they are. Now then, for the background:

There are many ways in life to get trapped into something you absolutely despise, especially if you feel that someone is fighting to keep you there. And it’s near impossible to fight back against someone that refuses to listen to you. At the time I wrote this, I felt trapped and less than human…almost like a slave watching my world collapse around me. Kinda like I imagine Igor must feel some days, trapped in his dead end butler job to the monsters of the world seemingly without a prayer of ever chasing his own dreams.

State! State! State of emergency!
Listen up! I beg of you please!
My world is coming to a standstill
‘Cause Igor wants to start his own family!

You know that he’s my property!
I’ve made him everything he is!
Bow down! Why can’t he see
If he’s not smart enough to worship me, how can he have kids?

Blockade all of the windows and doors!
Lockdown! He can’t escape!
You know if he ever gets away,
That we’ll never get him back in any kind of shape!

But what to do once we catch him?
He’s tasted blood and he wants more!
Four years, I’ve trained him to submit to me!
That’s not the kind of period of time you should ignore!

Wonder if my sweetness can bring him back!
Lure, lure him back inside his cage!
Close the door, throw away the key.
Then disregard his comments as self-deprecating rage!

*bridge & guitar solo, w/ castle storming sounds in the background*

*sung softly while music builds back up*
Kiss kiss, why can’t you see it’s true?
Love love, you know you’re mine!
Think think, of what is really happening.
Come back to me and walk the line.
You don’t know who you really want to be.
Others led you to make up this scheme!
You take my hand, I’ll take your throat!
Now let me show you why it’s useless to ever dream!

Look! Look! Look at what you’ve become!
You’re nothing when push comes to shove!
Get back down inside your hovel!
If you can’t accept life on my terms, how can you be loved?

Shut up! Appreciate what I give you!
Lay down! I’m eating with my bride!
At least we still give you some table scraps!
So don’t you dare let other worlds ever come ‘cross your mind!

2 Replies to “Igor”

  1. Dear, sweet Tim… I truly hope with all of my heart that you never find yourself in a situation like this with anyone (family, relationship, band, or otherwise – you have way too much awesomeness to have anyone treat you like that, ever!) and I hope that you will never yield to that again, ever. Even if it’s only a tiny bit!

    You truly are one of the coolest, nicest people I’ve ever met, and you made me feel so confident… I only hope I can return the favor someday, even just half as much! I truly hope to see you again soon! Like maybe at Nerdtacular?!? 🙂

    Please know that, while we may not be super close friends (yet) that I will always be there for you in whatever way I can be. You have my support & friendship for sure! 🙂

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