Get On The Bus!

Get On The Bus

Warning: Explicit Lyrics be found in this song

So…I may actually wind up taking this song down soon. It’s very much a first draft and came out more as an emotional crying rant than as the musical metaphor I was trying to make with the bus reference. Honestly though, this song was written with little more than pure emotion, so take it for what you will.

About the song itself…well, there are sometimes when people accidentally do things to hurt you for a little while, especially when their mind is on helping someone else. Sometimes though, those things last for longer…possibly scarring one for life.

Ashes to ashes, hope to dust!
I need everybody to get on the bus!
Two and two is four, and four and four is eight!
Soon enough, this driver will seal his fate!

Everybody’s in, so now you close the door!
And this man and I will put the pedal to the floor!
A kiss, a hug, and “I’m worth it” is all I need to say!
Are you with me or against me? Get out of my way!

* Give in to your lust
And get on the bus! (Get on the bus, get on the bus!)
Just a simple little thrust
To get on the bus! (Get on the bus, get on the bus!)
Abandon your trust
And get on the bus! (Get on the bus, get on the bus!)
Yeah! Everybody must
Get on the bus! (Get on the bus, get on the bus!)

This driver speaks too much, he can not understand!
How he needs to suck it up for my one life stand!
That’s why sex is a weapon, that’s how I know it’s real.
Because a good boyfriend allows other guys to feel!

For one night I brought him happiness, I’ve really done well!
It’s a worthwhile trade for your months and months of hell!
Anything you need to know, I’ll tell you when I can.
If you cry, that just proves to me that you are not a man!


Well, I’m doing this for you, why can’t you see?
That the only way I’ll love you is if they sleep with me!
One and two, their urges true, the way it has to be!
Shut up, shut up, suck it up and only show me glee!

— SOLO —

Nothing worthwhile’s easy, a wise man once said.
I wonder if anyone screwed with his head.
The worst part about this: I felt I had to give.
Now I don’t really feel like I should even live.

Another night in her arms, head to sleep.
I have to do something, for this scar is too deep.
As I lie awake pondering pills or self-stab,
I say “Fuck you! I’m calling a cab!”

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