Mark Madness

Mark Madness!!

This song was written from a death-threat phone message that an ex’s dad left me.

Well, obviously Tim, you are one of the low lifes!
You’re probably the biggest disgrace in my life!
You’re a discourage! You’re a disgrace!
I guess you know what I mean…

You’re probably one of the poorest excuses
I’ve ever run across for a man or a human being!!
You have no rights to that title at all!!
I think you know what I’m talking about!!

My daughter’s trust in you has been betrayed!
Consider yourself a marked man!!
My own trust in you has been betrayed!
Consider yourself a marked man!!

You got more problems than my daughter!! (huh?)
You got yourself a wild bad Oedipus Complex!!
I may not know what one of those is,
But you probably got it…
And if someone ever tells me, I’ll pretend that I never said it!! GO GO GO GO!!!

Every time you walk down a darkened alley!!
Every birthday that passes, count your lucky stars!!
Every time you see a shadow, better look behind you carefully!
Because what goes around comes around, son, and you’re gonna get yours!! I’m not kidding!!

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  1. I know of one father of a daughter that would like to have said all that to me, but he never got the chance. I don’t know how I would have handled that kind of threat.

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