Computer Art

For a short time at the beginning of college, I tried my hand at Raytraced 3D pictures. Most of my work was done in POV-Ray, though I have worked in Bryce 3D as well. I’m definitely planning to try making some new pictures soon, especially now that I actually know a little about programming.

Raytraced Pictures

Ruins from a
lost civilization

The Mental Ruins
of Depression

Spaced Out!


The Great

Void of Sorrow

The Doors
to the Soul

Boring looking
Dorm Room

Big Bang

Space Battle!

Occasionally, I like to make my own icons out of various objects, items and comics. Unfortunately, I’m still somewhat learning what to do on these, hence not all of them are spectacular quality. I still like all of the ones I have up here though, and I intend to put more up as they are made. If you want to use any of these, just drop me a line and/or credit it to my LJ username (AngerFork) in your pictures page. Otherwise, have at it!

LiveJournal icons

Aeris from FFVII

Celes from FFVI

Celes from FFVI

Ships from FFX2 and
FF: Spirits

Aeris crushing
Tifa’s Head

Hanging Lake
in Colorado

Nall from Lunar

Legend of Zelda

Master Sword

It’s a Zombie,
Not a Choice!

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