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Why Fury of Cutlery?
My name pretty much everywhere online is AngerFork, who was a comic character I made up a while ago (and drew into one whole comic strip even). Fury of Cutlery is a natural follow from such a character.

What happened to Color Of Pain?
Well, I decided that it was not really a name that fit me anymore, and so I’ve moved away from it. As far as the domain name itself…well, I still have it until June, 2011. If you need it for anything, drop me a line and we’ll talk.

I recently noticed that children of all races are holding hands in the street and that world peace has now occurred because of something cool you did on this site. How did you do it?
Generally speaking, this site was built with WordPress. Otherwise, I use the Event Calendar, Exec-PHP and Lightbox 2 plug-ins.

Didn’t you used to have more Ray-Traced pictures?
Once…I have since disavowed any and all knowledge of those pictures…mainly due to the high suckage factor each one had!

Why don’t you ever update Shining Farce? I was just getting into that comic…
Simply put, it got boring to me. Originally, I started it to be an outlet for venting my frustrations at people, using a video game as my veiled backdrop. As I started to run out of things to write about, it became more of a chore than a release for me. Besides, no one really ever read it all that much anyhow.

Will there ever be any more Shining Farce?
Probably at some point…otherwise, there’d be no real reason to keep it on the site. However, I’m not going to go back to an update schedule. Updates will be sporadic…but if any new episodes are written, I’ll let you know on the index page.

What is Elusian?
Elusian is a combination Story/Video-Game that I have recently begun physically writing. It’s a fantasy story set up in a modern day Final Fantasy-style world. The main hero of the story is Vishar, a fairly weak-minded man with light burgundy hair. Eventually, I intend to have an entire area (possible sub-domain) for Elusian, including a character page.

Can I link to your web-site?
Go right ahead…it’s preferred that you link just to the index page, since there will be something there at some point. You can use the regular text link option…or if you need a link button, just let me know the size specifications and I’ll see what I can do for you.

Don’t you have to post a link to my site now too?!?!?
Not really…It’s still my site!

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