Ya know!

Sometimes, life gives you lemons. Other times, it gives you a seemingly impossible life situation without any real form of escape. In these times, escapism is nice. This particular song was written during a time when I shut myself off from everything and instead escaped very heavily into videogames to avoid some bad real life situations.

Gather ’round all, I’ll tell how the story goes,
Of how two once strong lovers now spend their nights opposed!
It’s not that they hate, it’s not that they’re foes!
Time just built a chasm that neither one can close.

Ya know! Ya know! Ya know!
And so I spend my nights as an elf in pantyhose.

Their mutual mistrust grows stronger everyday!
She doesn’t trust him to work, he doesn’t trust her to play!
Neither wants to go, yet neither wants to stay.
They watch a week become two become months of decay!

Ya know! Ya know! Ya know!
And so I spend my nights with some funky Space Goats.

Why can’t he see that she has a plan?
She’ll calm down and relax if she has another man.
Temporary twitterpation sans any intimidation.
Heart goes yonder and comes back with love’s anticipation?

Ya know! Ya know! Ya know!
And so I spend my nights as a Werewolf smiting foes.

Why can’t she see her plan doesn’t work?
Hurt feelings breed insanity’s lurk.
She accepts no compromise, he blends into the wall.
If another comes in, he’s not there at all.

Ya know! Ya know! Ya know!
And so I spend my nights designing zombie clothes.

*quick solo, perhaps remix in first or second verse*

Ya know! Ya know! Ya know!
And so I spend my nights cuddled with a box that glows.

Ya know! Ya know! Ya know!
You’ll find me there tonight as an elf in pantyhose.

5 Replies to “Ya know!”

  1. There are a few books that would do you a lot of good…including As a Man Thinketh and The Slight Edge.

    This quote I believe you need to read over and over:

    “I am the Captain of my soul; the Master of my Fate.”

    Do what you will, but I do hope you work to obtain long-term happiness and achievement in your life.

  2. Tis a good poem you reference there with that quote. Henley definitely knew what he was talking about when he wrote that. I’ve long wondered what made him pen that poem…

    On the books, I’ve read the first one but not the second. I’ll have to try it, thanks for the recommend.

    It is at that moment where we give up on work for our lifetime happiness that we truly are merely existing. However, sometimes life surrounds us with no room to move forward and patience must rule. Moving forward is a matter of not letting that patience swallow you forever…

  3. It is a good poem… without a doubt. I don’t know what all you’ve read, but I could recommend a hundred books. (Including Failing Forward and The Richest Man in Babylon.)

    Though I will have to correct you. It is in that moment where we give up on our advancements for a second of happiness that we abandon all hope of success. Lifetime Happiness is something that one must strive for every second of every day, which is included in success. Life surrounds us with no room to move forward, therefore we must push back and force that obstacle to subside. Patience is mandatory, however, it must not be mistaken for waiting around for opportunity to jump into your lap.

  4. Well, yes and no on that. Striving for happiness is something that we must continue to do at all possible points, I do agree there. And you can’t wait for things to just fall into your lap all the time…I mean, even when they do, you must act upon them lest those chances themselves disappear.

    However, not all obstacles can be pushed back and forced to subside. Some you must find a way around and some one must wait for. That does not mean you ever stop striving and working towards getting past that obstacle, it just means that brute force and sheer willpower cannot do everything.

  5. Oh, I didn’t mean every obstacle we face must be bulldozed. Far from it. But one must entitle one’s self to happiness through work, will, discipline, and action without losing sight of that lifetime happiness. When one strives for something, as I mentioned before, patience is necessary… but it isn’t primary. Persistence and determination are primary.

    …But without the additional trait of someone who is genuinely concerned for the well being of others before themselves, it is impossible to succeed in all areas of life.

    Also… before I talk about life any further with you… perhaps I should mention that I don’t actually feel any ill towards you. I wouldn’t date you again, but I’m not remotely about to attack you with a pitchfork either, haha.

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