Gotta Live

Gotta Live

Whether time shows a dream to be a delusion or not, it hurts nothing to try.  What’s important is that you believe in it and that you want it in your life.

Look out at the parade now,
The big celebrity.
Act and sing and get their fix,
Why couldn’t that be me?

I may not have their talent,
But I do have my own dream.
The only way to get the life I want or so it seems…

I gotta live – gotta take a risk, go out and try.
I gotta live – gotta make my life so I don’t want to die.
I gotta live – gonna go out and get what I want.
I gotta live!

9-to-5, steady job,
For some, it is their thing.
But most people are just afraid
To enter in their scene!
9-to-5 become a trap
With cubicles of slaves!
Misery begets their lives…
Often chasing to the grave!

Two kids, a house, a spouse,
Weekend trips to the mall.
“The Simple Life” it seems
May not be simple at all…
Layoffs, meetings, money,
Didn’t you once have a dream?
It’s not to late to reach for it,
No matter how it seems!

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