One can usually only hear the same story so many times before they start to wonder what is truly going on.  Before you know it, the same story that at one point makes you rush to their side becomes little more than the same boy crying “wolf” again.  Much like in Aesop’s fable, eventually no one will trust that help is truly needed.

Another cry fades out across the land,
And the Wolfpack can only be fought by one.
With a scream from the soul, I’ll suck you in,
As I survive and you are alone!

So, what do you say? Going out with your crowd?
I’ll make my will weak as I make my mind loud!
But I won’t seek a way to end my pain…
Taking out your freedom along with my vein!

Though I can see a happy ending to my plight,
Winning the fight means losing all my might!
I’ll use my control to sap away your life,
Removing all your freedom with just a flick of a knife!

Try to help me out? I’ll guilt your help away!
Pretend the help exists, yet only with a chain!
Hate you, Hate this, the only thing I know.
Rip away more freedom with each breath I blow!

Fall into the Wolfpack!
Join up with the Wolfpack!!
Die within the Wolfpack!!!

As I crush, crush, crush all your hopes and dreams,
And I drain, drain, drain upon your sympathy.

Don’t go! Don’t go!! You’re the only thing I know!
I need, I need, you to be close to me!!
I can’t, I won’t, live without you around!!
Even if, even if…it causes you to die!!!!!!

Another cry fades out across the land,
As the Wolfpack swallows another one…

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