Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is to remember that as bad as things may seem, giving up and committing suicide is never a good option.  No matter how people may act towards you, you are still a being very capable of love and deserve to be loved.

As I look down,
Head within my hands,
And wonder why I’m alone.

I close my eyes,
Remember the past,
And all I used to know.

I realize then
Where they’ve all gone.
Life pushed us all away

Much the same
As it seems to do now
With the friends I have today.

And as my family looks down,
Upon who I am,
And what I have become.

They only see the outer shell,
Of a broken, bitter man.
My emotions are better off numbed.

But hiding who I am is no way to live!
As long as I’m alive, all I am is what I’ll give!

The hardest thing I see, keep my neck out of the rope!
But as long as I’m alive, my future still has hope!

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