Haunted Head

Haunted Head

One of the hardest parts of leaving any relationship is the constant reminders of the person that you run into, especially when you left under bad circumstances. After a dream I had about my ex, I realized that I was thinking about her too much, so I wrote this song in an attempt to let go. By this point, I believe I have…though I do still hope that she is doing well.

Last night, I had a dream!
Parent’s car, you cuddled with me!
What color was the elephant in there again?

Went to see my internet shrink,
Tried to find out what they all think.
Guess you’ve been thinking of me quite a bit too…

Well, let me tell you how it’s been.
These demons all around I’m trying to fend.

I can’t trust my heart, can’t trust my head!
I don’t know what is true.
Spend a year in the manic and a half in a panic,
Now tell me what it does to you.
Seeking something more, I shoved you out the door.
Went to face what I thought I could.
And now I wear the affliction you bear!
Your haunted head!

Do you remember our first date?
Roller coasters and the chicken we ate.
Spent the whole night home feeling nauseous and sick.

Or maybe when times were sweet?
Mall walking, flowers, something to eat.
A promise made by the comedy stage.

Like all good things, it had to end.
Leaving me with wounds which just won’t mend!

Remember the nights? Remember the fights?
Remember the pain that fueled the flame!
Remember the punt? I brought you a rose.
Wasn’t good enough because I didn’t propose!
Every night you were crying, I felt myself dying.
As passion in life became apathy.
Tried to proclaim to you my pain.
Probably would’ve helped if you ever cared…

Tears and hate became our norm,
So I burned down that bridge to keep us both warm!

Last night, I had a dream…
And that’s how it will stay.

2 Replies to “Haunted Head”

  1. Damn, you’re good. Almost every relationship I’ve had in the past could sync up with every word in this post (except maybe the roller coasters and chicken). I’ve been thinking about some of mine lately too…I forget how hurtful and irresponsible I can be but this is a nice reminder that some of that heartbreak was necessary for me to keep my sanity. Thanks for writing this.

  2. Thank you! Quite glad you liked it!

    I think the important thing to remember when looking back at any relationship is that even if you did hurtful and irresponsible things, so did they. Everyone does those things sometimes…and it definitely seems to have ended quite nicely for you! 🙂

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