New song…this one needs a title

As usual, I’ve been going through some off personal stuff of late. Long story, don’t really want to go into it here. When I woke up this morning, I found myself inspired to write some lyrics about it. But I don’t really fully know what these are about. Some of it definitely involves separating from various bad people/situations, some involves an old childhood prayer, some involves the renewed feeling I get once I take a shower. Why they’re connected and why my mind is going this way though…your guess is as good as mine.

Also, I should title this song sometime, but the best title I’ve come up with is “Hydro-renewal”…any ideas?

I’m hearing voices
Mere shouts from a distant past.
Within their echoes
I find that certain things can never last.

But the death that they speak of simply renews
And it seems all too obvious once I look at the clues.
Tis a light at the end that beckons me in
Which shows a better way towards a happier end.

I close my eyes now.
Separate from the world around.
My mental meadow,
What a great place to settle down.

For once you’re there you see the world is not as it seems
And find that the sadness inside your life and your dreams
Are manufactured, replicated, and can be eliminated
By finding the source that makes one intimidated.

As I awaken,
Realize that some friends are foes.
I hear those voices,
Asking why I live my life opposed.

For it’s a lack of respect that leads one to reflect
And see why they once were so derelict.
Garbage collection to bring back one’s affection
For life, call it a depression defection.

(spoken piece over guitar bridge) –
“Renew me within this purity of pain,
May I use this renewal to bring joy to those I can,
And to set aflame that which I must.
From the embers, reborn a new man.”

I feel the water
Start to surround everything I know.
The world around me
Dissipates within the water’s flow.

As it soaks in to get the deep, deep grime,
I find myself renewed yet another time.
Shiny clean body, shiny clean soul.
Time to embrace the world’s new role.

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  1. Sounds like your spirit may be trying to change. Perhaps you could call it Forsaken Rebirth or Bittersweet Reminiscence.

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