Happy New 2011!

Ah, another year has come and gone. And with it comes several people making resolutions. Including two of them from me.

Yes, I know that I usually don’t and that I even had a post last year about doing them by week instead. This year, it just seems more important than most to make an effort to fix things, probably because 2010 was so abysmal for me. I won’t get into the details, but trust me…it was bad.

So, I’m making two resolutions to fix this. The first one might sound a bit jerkish to some, but bear with me.

1. Live more for myself and around those that actually care about me.

A large part of why 2010 will not be appearing on the highlight reel of my life comes down to how I spent my friend time. Far too much of it was spent with people that either bring me down or seem to just take advantage if me. Which means that I’ve instead ignored the best and closest people in my life far more than I should have.

This has to change, even if it means setting fire to certain parts of my life. I’m guessing some of you have ideas of what I’m referring to, and you’re likely right. I have a couple of bug changes already in mind, if I can find the courage. I’ve no plans to mention them here, just to possibly mention the effects once done.

Worry not, I’m pretty sure that doesn’t involve anyone that either knows or cares that this page is here.

2. To handle life’s challenges with honor and dignity, and with minimal fear.

A large part of why I spent the last year essentially as a hermit is this right here. I’d get shy and wouldn’t answer my phone, then still wouldn’t later as I’d somewhat (stupidly) fear the repercussions of my behavior. Alternatively, I’d hide because I didn’t want to “bring people down” with unhappiness. Again, this has to change.

What does all this mean? Well, the plan is to basically undo the bad parts of 2010. I should be easier to talk to and hopefully a lot happier too. I want to rebuild a lot of those bridges with people I barely talk to/see. And I want to see the world not as a prison, but for what it truly is: beautiful.

In short, I expect 2011 to be my redemption year. What are you planning to resolve?

5 Replies to “Happy New 2011!”

  1. Duuude, that sounds, crazy… the part about how bad your year was.

    Why worry about bringing people down so much?

  2. Kookie – Yeah, it was pretty bad. Too much work, too much being taken advantage of, not enough time with good people in my life. Which reminds me: I still owe you a call. And to answer your message, I am available some this week. When do you work?

    Kristal – I love chu too! You’re already doing quite awesome, just w/ that string of texts and all! Really though, tis something that I need to do for the most part…but more K time never hurts! 🙂

  3. Well, I still haven’t come up with a resolution to implement for this year.

    I’m sorry that you had such a bad year, I think I could always tell something was amiss when we ran into each other.

    You really do need to live for yourself. At this stage you have no obligations to hold you down from living your life the way you want and pursuing the things you like. You know my stance on what I assume you are talking about here, and I would help you out again if you called out of the blue for another strong back to carry heavy things.

    I’m always willing to help, and I’m always up for hanging out (even if my free time can only be counted in minutes).

    Also, thanks for the Pokemon manga. It’s fun to have a manga of a cartoon that is based on a video game. Also, I am going to work on translating the whole thing this year.

  4. Well let’s see- Sunday I’m busy and likely tomorrow as well… I might have a doctor’s appointment sometime this week but that isn’t set in stone yet…My Wednesday and Thursday should be clear- but I don’t know anything past that for sure. What about you? When are you free?

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