Hello June!

“So! How’s that new plan to update your blog once-a-week and show off your tarot cards once a month going?!?”

Shut it, random blog sentence.

Yeah…so you might have noticed that I’m not very good at updating my blog. I have an excuse for that…but truth be told, it primarily involves laziness and little to really talk about. Are there things going on in life? Yeah…I mean, there’s the whole extra in a movie thing and the like, but I’m just at that weird point where I’m not sure what to write about. I think that writing is supposed to be a more off-the-cuff response as opposed to a sometime later-in-the-day idea, because the words never seem to come out right later on.

Oh well…as you can see, we’ve moved! Now to figure out what to do with the old domain name! 🙂

And as for the tarot readings, I’ll try to hit May later…but April was pretty accurate, even if it got the organ wrong. Then again, there really isn’t a tarot card for broken kidneys, is there?

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